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Heating of air and gases

Depending on the intended use and specific requirements different types of electric heating elements and gas heaters are suitable for heating of air and gaseous media. 


Direct heating of gases

For direct heating of non-flammable gases we recommend tubular heaters and finned tubular heaters which can be installed separately in maschines and vessels or together in a heating baterry or in duct heaters. 


Electrical air and gas heaters consist of a heating bundle with flange mounting to be inserted into ventilation shafts and basins or with housing and inlet and outlet connections, knwon as duct heaters.


Typical areas of use for electrical air and gas heaters are:  

  • Ventilation and climate control technology
  • Drying furnaces and drying cabinets
  • Heat treatment plants
  • Hardening plants
  • Process and environmental technology
  • Pre-heating units


Circulation heaters are suitable for high pressures up to 100 bar and are manufactured according to customer specifications. Outlet temperatures up to 750 °C can be achieved.


Indirect heating of gases

Gas pre-heaters are used for indirect heating of gases. Gas pre-heaters made by Herbst Beheizungs-Technik consist of an electric heating element and a tube coil which are both cast in an aluminium block. Process gases are directed through the tube coil which is heated up by the aluminium block, thus, ensures an extremely constant and precise heat transmission. Outlet temperatures up to 400 °C in non-hazardous areas are possible.