• Tankheizkörper mit Magnetfüßen zum nachträglichen Einbau in Öltanks und Behälter

    Tankheizung mit 4 Magnetfüßen

  • Tankheizkoerper mit 2 Magnethaltern zum Vorheizen von Oel
  • Tankheizkörper ohne Magnete für kleine Tanköffnungen

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Assembly - Tank heaters | THK series

Advantages of tank heaters: 

  • simple retrofitting
  • no weld-in socket needed
  • no assembly costs
  • low minimum oil level
  • vertical and horizontal installation




Assembly and installation

As a result of its small diameter, tank heaters can be exchanged easily and cost-efficiently. An opening on the top of the tank is enough for the assembly of the heater, which can be fixed on the bottom of the vessel or the vessel wall.


Depending on the customer, the tank heaters can be obtained without magnet (Ø 45 mm for small tank openings), with 2 or 4 magnets (for better stability in moving tanks). Another advantage of the magnets is the attraction of metallic pollution enclosed in the tank.


Medium resistant connection cables are available in the length 2.5 m / 5 m / 10 m. Special length on request. As a result of the cable glands, which are fixed on the vessel wall or tank cover, the supply line of the heaters can be directed to the outside.


The default setting temperature is set on 20°C. Any value differences have to be recorded for the order of tank heaters. In the case of plastic tanks or tanks that have an inner plastic cover, the heaters must not touch the vessel wall or bottom.