• Strömungserhitzer mit 350 kW zur Erwärmung von Öl, Wasser und flüssigen sowie gasförmigen Medien
  • Strömungserhitzer und Durchlauferhitzer zur Beheizung von Wasser und industriellen Prozessen
  • Strömungserhitzer und Durchlauferhitzer zur Erwärmung und Temperierung von Wasser
  • Strömungserhitzer zur Beheizung von Kreislaufwasser mit 360 kW
  • Elektro-Prozesserhitzer zur Ölerwärmung als stehende Ausführung mit 18 kW
  • Elektrischer Strömungserhitzer mit 4 kW Heizleistung zur Erwärmung von Thermalöl

    Strömungserhitzer/Durchlauferhitzer DN80 | 4000 W | 1.4571 |
    mit 250 mm Kühlstrecke und 2x Wärmeprallblechen

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Circulation HEATERS | Flow series

Circulation heaters, also known as electric flow and process heaters, are used for direct heating of:


  • Water

    Circulation water
    Marine water
    demineralised water
    domestic or drinking water
  • Oil 

    Thermal oil
    Hydraulic oil
    Turbine oil
    Heavy fuel oil and lube oil
    Heat transfer fluid, such as diphyl
  • Alkali/lyes and different industrial liquids

  • non-flammable gases





Circulation heater Compact+
Water | Hydraulic oil HLP46

Electric circulation and process heaters for industrial applications

Circulation heaters are very suitable for an efficient heating of fluids and gases. The petrochemistry, shipbuilding, medical technology, industrial cleaning technology, plant construction and process engineering are typical areas of use.


Circulation heaters are manufactured according to customer specification and/or explicitly customized to the personal requirements of the purchaser:


  • position and construction of inlet port and outlet port
  • drain plug and vent pipe
  • fastening attachments for vertical or horizontal assembly
  • thermal insulation
  • special gaskets for different operating conditions
  • temperature sensors in various designs
  • permissible surface load of the medium
  • process measuring and control technology
  • for special applications with high power requirements circulation heaters
    in modular structure achieve a capacity up to 1 MW.