• [Translate to english:] Betriebsgelände in Neuenrade

    HERBST Beheizungs-Technik in Neuenrade          
    Producer of electrical heating elements.
    Made in Germany.

  • [Translate to english:] Herstellung von elektrischen Strömungserhitzern

    Circulation heaters
    Circulation heaters adapted for particularly domestic water
    heating are scheduled to be delivered very shortly.

  • [Translate to english:] Technische Zeichnung von Flanschheizkörpern

    Technical advice & design
    We elaborate with our clients significant concepts        
    for heating liquids, gases and solids.

As a midsized enterprise based in Neuenrade in the Sauerland region we are developing and producing high-quality heating elements and systems for the most diverse industrial applications.

Whatever you have - solidsliquids or gases: Herbst has the right heating element for you. 

Our particular strength are special designs to suit your application - in size, shape, performance, chemical and thermal resistance, controls and protective systems, up to 1000 °C.

For further information or if you have queries regarding our straight or bended tubular heaters, cartridge and tank heaters for hydraulic oil and other industrial fluids, electric air heaters or flanged elements in circulation heaters please do not hesitate to contact us.

Electrical heating elements manufactured by HERBST. are used across the entire range of industries, such as:


  • Mechanical engineering and plant construction
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Energy technologies / renewable energies
  • Refining and petrochemicals
  • Shipbuilding and offshore industry
  • Plastics industry
  • Research and Development
  • Food industry
  • ...


If you have further questions, we are pleased to be of service to you by telephone, e-mail or by a personal visit!