• [Translate to english:] Einschraubheizkörper zur Flüssigkeitserwärmung

    Screw plug immersion HEATERS

    Suited to direct heating of liquid and gaseous media:          

    - Pre-heating of hydraulic and lubricating oil 
    - Drinkung or circulating water
    - Washing and degreasing plants
    - Heat transfer systems
    - Heating of tanks and containers 
    - As heating element in circulation heaters

  • [Translate to english:] Flanschheizkörper und industrielle Beheizungstechnik

    • Flange immersion HEATERS

      - Heating of oil, water and gas in tanks and vessels or as    
        heating component in mashines and plants      
      - Flange heaters as heating element in circulation heaters     
      - Rated output up to 1000 kW

  • [Translate to english:] Strömungs- und Elektroerhitzer vom Hersteller Herbst Beheizungs-Technik

    Circulation HEATERS

    Typical areas of application in which circulation heaters      
    are used:

    - Heating of oil (thermal oil and lubricating oil systems)
    - Direct water heating (drinking water and circulating water)       
    - Gas heating (air, nitrogen and process gases)

  • [Translate to english:] Patronenheizkörper für dünnflüssige Öle

    Cartridge HEATERS

    - Pre-heating of hydraulic and gear lubricant oil
    - Heating of heat transfer and turbine oil               
    - Interchangeable ceramic heating element for which
      reason no draining of the process media is necessary

  • [Translate to english:] Tankheizungen für industrielle Flüssigkeiten wie Hydrauliköl

    Tank HEATERS

    - Tank heaters for pre-heating hydraulic and heating oil     
    - Warming of industrial fluids
    - Simple assembly

  • [Translate to english:] Elektrische Heizelemente zur Beheizung von flüssigen, gasförmigen und festen Stoffen.

    • Tubular HEATERS

      Highly compacted heating elements for the heating of       

      - Water, oil und all kinds of liquids
      - Solids such as machine parts, tools and moulds     
      - Gaseous media in air and duct heaters

  • [Translate to english:] Rippenrohrheizkörper zur Lufterwärmung

    Finned HEATERS

    Heating-up air flows and gases in:

    - Heating cabinets and drying chambers     
    - Air ducts and air conditioning systems
    - Packaging machines

  • [Translate to english:] Elektrische Heizpatrone zur Beheizung von Heizplatten und Werkzeugen

    Heating CARTRIDGES

    Application examples of heating cartridges:      

    - Tool and mould heating
    - for use in die casting machines     
    - installed in heating plates and tables
    - for heating of liquids and preheating of oil

  • [Translate to english:] Industrielle Lufterhitzer


    Industrial heating of air and gaseous media- Heating equipment for annealing ovens or  tempering furnaces and drying kilns- Tempering of air ducts and heating chambers

  • [Translate to english:] Gasvorwärmer zur indirekten Erwärmung von Prosessgasen und industriellen Flüssigkeiten


      - Gas pre-heater for indirect heating of gases and also fluids    
      - Extremely constant and precise heat transmission

  • [Translate to english:] Heizbänder und Heizmanschetten zur Beheizung von Formen, Zylindern und Düsen

    Band HEATERS

    - For heating metallic cylinders and extrusion cylinders
    - Heating of nozzles for the plastics industry     
    - Ceramic or micanite ring heating elements are suitable
      for plastics processing machinery and heated moulds