• Patronenheizkoerper mit 36 mm Durchmesser und MS-Nippel G2
  • Patronenheizkoerper mit oder ohne Thermostat zur Vorwärmung von Hydraulik- und Heizoel
  • Einschraubheizpatrone und Patronenheizkörper mit Einschraubnippel G2 zur Vorwärmung von Hydraulik- und Getriebeöl
  • Patronen- und Keramikgliederheizkörper zur Vorwärmung von Hydrauliköl sowie flüssigen und gasförmigen Medien

    Keramik-Gliederheizkörper Ø 46 mm
    zum Einbau in Schutzrohre mit Ø 52 mm

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Cartridge HEATERS | PHK series

  • Warming of motor fuels and lubricants
  • Heating of thermal oil in heat transfer plants
  • Preheating of hydraulic oil and turbine oil
  • Used as tank heater for thin oils
  • Quick heating of the cold system to operating temperature
  • Simple exchange of the ceramic heating element
    without having to drain the oil or liquid


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Scope of application - Cartridge heaters with ceramic heating elements

Cartridge heaters by HERBST are used for preheating lubricants for gears as well as thin oils such as heating or hydraulic oil in tanks and vats. Cartridge heating elements are also suitable for thermal oil applications and to heat turbine oil.


The advantage of the use of cartridge heaters is that the ceramic heating element can be exchanged any time without drainage of the medium since the protection tube remains in the tank.


The protection tubes are fastend by a welded thread nipple and a propper seal. Another option is the flange connection for mounting. More information about this product can be seen in the category Öffnet internen Link im aktuellen FensterFlange immersion heaters | FHK-P series.