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Bending advices - Tubular HEATERS | RHK series

The thermal treatment in an annealing furnace allows to bent the tubular heater when in cold condition. It is important to consider that an already bent tubular heater cannot be bent back on the same position. Otherwise the save operation cannot be guaranteed.

The unheated zone, the length of the welded-on connecting bolts, must be arranged 10 mm in front or behind of a bending. The minimum distance between two bends is 15 mm.


U-shaped heating elements can be compressed by the manufacturer to achieve even smaller diameters. For the availability of custom-made heating elements, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Bending in unheated zone: Ø 8,5 mm


Bending in unheated zone: Ø 12 mm l Ø 16 mm


For the sheath materials 1.4541, 1.4571 and 1.4828 use a bending roll diameter of at least:

Tubular heater-ØMin. roll-Ø

RHK 8,5

18 mm

RHK 12

30 mm

RHK 16

60 mm

 Other materials on request.

Bending in heated zone: Heating elements Ø 8,5 mm

Bending in heated zone: Heating elements Ø 12 mm and Ø 16 mm