• Tankheizkörper und Tankheizungen zur Hydrauliköl-Vorwärmung

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Tank HEATERS | THK series

for preheating hydraulic oil and direct heating of industrial fluids


Tubular heater with Ø 8,5 mm 

  • Tank heater for hydraulic oil consisting of a coiled tubular heater Ø 8,5 mm; material: 1.4541 with connection box made of steel
  • with 2 magnetic feet (1) for fixing at tank bottom or partition wall
  • with 4 magnetic feet (2) for increased stability in portable tanks
  • Tank heaters with 1-pole thermostat 20 °C ±4K
  • With 2,5 meters (alternative: 5/10/15 m) feed cable (oil resistant)


Tubular heater with Ø 12 mm

  • Tank heater for applications with thin oils (e.g. heat transfer oil) consisting of a tubular heater Ø 12 mm, bent into U-shape; material: 1.4541 with connection box made of steel
  • Tank heater without magnetic holder (3) and a reduced diameter of Ø 45,0 mm for tanks with narrow openings
  • With 1-pole temperature controller and limiter

Technical data

Cat. No.

Overall length 
(L in mm)
Watt density
9852290230 | 2x4005001,21,55
9854400230 | 2x40010001,21,8
9854-VA400230 | 2x40010001,21,8

VA: Stainless steel version of THK series