• Flange immersion heaters for heating of water and oil but also gases
  • Electric flange heater for preheating of lubricants and liquids such as water and oil
  • Process heaters and flanged immersion heaters with 60 kW for heating storage rooms on ships
  • Cartridge heaters for preheating of oil in gear boxes
  • Flange and tank heaters for the heating of thermal oil and industrial liquids or water

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Flange immersion HEATERS | FHK series

Flange immersion heaters by HERBST Beheizungs-Technik are particularly suited for heating up fluids and gases.


Electric flange heaters are manufactured with highly compacted tubular heaters (Ø 8.5 / 11.5 / 12 / 16 mm) which are bent into a U-shape and welded or hard-soldered into flange plates DN 50 up to DN 800.


The flanged heating elements enable high heating performance within the smallest space.


To ensure a high durability, an efficient heating of the medium and low maintenance costs the flange immersion heaters by HERBST are perfectly matched with the applications they will used for.


Any questions about electric process heaters can also be answered by our technical specialists via phone or in peson.







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The range of use of flange immersion heaters includes: 

MediumArea of application
Industrial sector


Domestic water, immersion baths, circulating water, marine water, 
Öffnet internen Link im aktuellen Fenstercirculation and flow heaters

Food industry, pharmaceutical industry, marine and shipbuilding


Oil tanks, hydraulic and thermal oil, heavy fuel oil, heat transfer plants, electric process heaters and oil preheaters

Mechanical engineering, petrochemical industry
process technology, plant construction, energy sector


Industrial Öffnet internen Link im aktuellen FensterAir heaters, duct heaters, drying kilns

Laboratory equipment, ventilation and climate control technology

Industrial fluids and

Salt baths, paraffin, nitrogen, diphyl, glycerin, AdBlue

Chemical industry, washing and degreasing plants