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Construction - Flange immersion HEATERS

Flange heaters manufactured by Herbst Beheizungs-Technik can be delivered with comprehensive functions for industrial temperature monitoring and control:


  • Temperature limiter switches off the heating permanently as a final protective measure. The limiter is produced with restart lockout, resetting is only possible manually.
  • Control thermostat is suitable for controlling a fixed temperature. The thermostat prevents the temperature exceeding or falling below the given limit.
  • Temperature sensors are available in different versions: Pt100-sensors, thermostats and thermocouple elements.
  • Dry-running protection and surface temperature monitoring
  • Complete wiring and control cabinet

Construction of a flange immersion heater

Flange immersion heaters are manufactured with highly compacted tubular heaters [1] (Ø 8.5 / 11.5 / 12 / 16 mm) which are bent into U-shape and welded or hard-soldered into flange plates [2] from DN 50 up to DN 800. On request each connection can be produced through brazing, TIG welding or screwing.


The stable positioning of the heating elements is secured by means of laser-cut spacer discs [3] which are also used as segment baffles. This construction element provides an adequate flow-direction of the operating fluids and gases and prevents undesired accumulation of heat.

The connection housing [4] is mounted directly behind the flange plate. If a cooling section [5] is required the enclosure can be installed with sufficient distance to the heating zone. Constructions that are ready to connect and individual switch cabinets can be delivered.