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    Seit über 25 Jahren fertigen wir Heizkörper zur Temperierung      
    von Flüssigkeiten und Erwärmung von Gasen sowie
    festen Stoffen. Vom einfachen Heizelement bis zum 
    anschlussfertigen Prozesserhitzer.  

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HERBST Beheizungs-Technik GmbH & Co. KG ist seit dem 08.07.2016 unsere neue Firmenbezeichnung und Rechtsform. Damit stellt sich das Unternehmen für die Zukunft neu auf, bleibt für die Kunden aber wie gewohnt zuverlässiger Ansprechpartner in allen Belangen der industriellen Beheizungstechnik.


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Together with our clients, suppliers, employees and long-time friends, we celebrated our 25th anniversary on our factory premises in Germany, Neuenrade.

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Herbst Beheizungs-Technik has maintained a certified quality management system based on DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

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The commissioning of a CNC-controlled processing machine promote a high degree of manufactoring autonomy which enables us to respond to customers' requirements very individually and short term.

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Initial production of electrical heating elements and process heaters in our own factory hall.

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Construction of the new builing and relocation to the modern production site in Neuenrade-Küntrop.

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The production in Altena reached its capacity limits and the enlargement of the production facility seemed to be unavoidable. As a consequence we purchased a property in the industrial area of Neuenrade-Küntrop and began planning the expansion and the new production plant.

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Continuous extension of the product range and steady growth in the area of industrial heating through customer focussed service.

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Launch of our production of electric heaters and heating elements in rented premises in Altena. The main products were tubular and finned tubular heaters, screw plug immersion heaters but also flange heaters and circulation or flow heaters for industrial applications and processes. Cartridge heaters, ring heaters and ceramic sectional heaters were also manufactured.

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Wolfgang Herbst establishes his own company Herbst Beheizungs-Technik.