Major and minor heating projects

HERBST Beheizungs-Technik is providing comprehensive advising and support in all issues relevant to heat transfer systems and electric heaters for industrial applications. High-quality products are the key to long-term and lasting business relationships, which is HERBST's first priority in all its activities.

A few examples from our wide range of electric heating elements and process heaters is shown below. This "exhibition" illustrates custom-made product solutions as well as uncomplicated solutions with standard products and will be completed bit by bit with interesting minor and major projects.

Steel flange immersion heater | 25 kW | 950 mm immersion depth | Preheating of oil | Watt density of 2,0 W/cm² | For tank heating

Steel flange immersion heater DN200 | PN10 with tubular heating elements made of 1.4571 and a 150 mm cooling section to prevent overheating of the terminal housing and the wiring inside. The heater is designed for oil tank heating and has a corresponding low surface load of 2.0 watt/cm². | 27.02.2017

Air duct heater | 44 kW | 300°C operating temperature | Special design according to customer's specification

Electric duct heater with 44 kW heating power. Designed as completely stainless steel version. The construction is strictly adapted to the customer requirements and sizes of the existing vertical air duct. The air duct heater is installed in a rough industrial production. | 27.02.2017

Electric circulation/inline heater | 4000 Watt | 600 mm immersion depth | Heating thermal oil | Electrically heated thermal oil units

HERBST circulation heater with pressure vessel (1.4571 | AISI 316Ti), 250 mm cooling section and heat baffles, equipped with six hard-soldered tubular heating elements RHK Ø 8,5 mm, material: 1.4571 for heating up thermal oil. Working with 3x400 voltage supply and a customized heating power of 4000 W. For the inlet / outlet connections using compression fittings, a.k.a. cutting ring screws. The 4000 W circulation heater is installed in an industrial process plant or unit. | 27.02.2017

Mini-Process heater | 400 Watt | 350 mm immersion depth | Heating circuit water | Laboratory scale experiment

Mini process heater with pressure vessel (AISI 316Ti) and three hard-soldered tubular heating elements RHK Ø 8,5 mm, material: 2.4858 (Alloy 825) for heating up circuit water. The process circulation heater has a maximum power output of 400 watts at 230 V AC. A lower heating power can be adjusted by a supplied control device. The standardized flow and return connection is 3/4" BSP. The 400 watts process heater is used for laboratory-scale research. | 07.09.2015

Industrial process heater | 360 kW | 1500 mm immersion depth |
Heating of circulation water | integrated into virtual power plant

Industrial design process heater DN400 with 81 hard-soldered tubular heating elements RHK Ø 8,5 mm, material: 2.4858 for heating up circulation water up to its operating temperature. The horizontal designed 360 kW process heater is subdivided into 3 switching groups à 120 kW and equipped with temperature controler and limiter. The permissible surface load is 7 W/cm². The pressure tank satisfy the Pressure Equipment Directive and is manufactured in accordance with sound engineering practice.  | 22.06.2015

Electric Process Heater | 2x45 kW | 2200 mm overall height |
Preheating of industrial oil

Electric process heaters DN250 with 30 hard-soldered tubular heating elements RHK Ø 12 mm, material: 1.4571. The circulation heaters are used for preheating industrial oil up to 40° C. The vertical designed process heaters have a rating power of 2x 45 kW and are separated into three switching groups. 2x Pt100 are used for monitoring temperature of the liquid and the low surface load of less than 1,5 W/cm² prevent the heating elements and medium from being deposited and cracking. | 12.01.2015

Flanged immersion heater | 21 kW | Cartridge type

Flange immersion heater DN250 with 12 TIG-welded steel tubes Ø 52 mm and exchangeable cartridge heaters for preheating hydraulic and gear oil with low permissible surface load. The flange heaters - cartridge type are particularly suitable for the heating of large tanks and vessels because the ceramic heating elements can be replaced individually without draining the liquid. | 01.09.2014

Electric process heaters | 80 kW | 1100 mm immersion depth

Electric process heaters with 80 kW output and an immersion depth of 1100 mm. The process heaters are resistant to lyes and alkalis and preheat a tank with respective liquid. All electrical connections for operation are located in the welded on steel housing. | 03.01.2014

Electric heating element | 4 kW | convection oven

Tubular heaters in customized bending shape for heating convection ovens on ships, direct current operation. | 03.01.2014

Process heaters | 23 kW und 28 kW | Water and oil preheaters

Electric process heaters with 23 kW and 28 kW output. The small circulation heater is used for preheating water in an research facility. The 28 kW electric heater with a required cooling section just before the connection housing is used for heating up oil in a closed pipe system. | 06.01.2014

Flanged immersion heater | 60 kW | Suitable for heating ship's cargo hold in maritime transport

Flange heaters with 1000 mm built-in length and customised flange plate Ø 400 mm for heating cargo holds on ships. | 06.01.2014

Oil process and circulation heaters | 18 kW | Preheating of hydraulic oil HLP 46 | Vertical design

Electric oil preheaters for hydraulic oil HLP 46 in vertical design with 18 kW output and a low surface load or watt density of 1,5 W/cm². | 18.02.2014

Over-The-Side Immersion heaters | 35 kW | RHK Ø 16 mm

These Over-the-Side Immerison heaters are suitable for salt bath applications. The immersion heaters are equipped with tubular heating elements Ø 16 mm and a total output of about 35 kW each. | 19.02.2014