• Ölvorwärmer nachrüstbar zur Tankbeheizung

  • Tankheizkörper in verschiedenen Längen und Ausführungen

Scope of application - Tank heaters | THK series

  • Preheating of hydraulic oil and other thin oils
  • Quick heating to operating temperature
  • For heating up industrial liquids in tanks or vessels
  • Anti-freeze heating for tanks used outdoors



Application examples of tank heaters

Tank heaters manufactured by Herbst Beheizungs-Technik are particularly constructed for the direct warming of industrial fluids e.g. thin oils such as heating oil and hydraulic fluid.

Under low ambient temperature conditions tank heaters protect against any frost damage to the liquid medium and the tank itself. Thus, for example, makes it easy to prevent the paraffin precipitation in heating oil tanks.

In addition to its antifreeze function tank heaters are used to maintain a certain temperature in hydraulic oil tanks or to pre-heat components and equipment in various industrial applications.

Due to the simple assembly tank heaters are ideally suited for cost-effective retrofitting of plants that are already operational.