Cylinder band heaters

Available with capacities (surface load) up to 3,5 W/cm²
Voltage: 230 V~ or 400 V~

Cylinder band heaters

Braided steel supply cable (in 100 mm steps)
Earthed safety plug
Boring with latch
Additional jacket
Protection class IP20 or according to prior agreement
External jacket with hinge

Cat. No. Voltage (Volt) Specification
7020 230 with connector socket or terminal box
with screwed cable gland (standard)
7021 230 with thermal insulation jacket (asbestos-free)
7022 230 with air insulation jacket

Ordering example:

QuantityCat. No.DiameterVolt Watt
1 7010 Ø 50x60 230 V 300 W
Please specify any desired option.